In the Hawaiian language, Kama’āina means “Child of the Land”. As Kama'āina, we are taught to respect the environment and to care for one another. Inspired by Kreative Kama’āina’s tradition of quality and style - Enjoy your website visit.


                                Kreative Kama’āina specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of draperies and offers a full service distributorship of national brand window treatments. With a full line of products ranging from solar motorized treatmen ts, shutters, eco-friendly window treatments and much more, Kreative Kama’āina provides its products and services to both residential and commercial properties in Hawaii.



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As one of the most timeless forms of window treatments available, drapery p roducts provide elegance, practicality and functionality. Designed to meet  the requirements of homeowners, property managers, renters and commercial properties, Kreative Kama’āina's Ready To Hang Drapery Program is an excellent value. Available in twenty sizes, the traversable draperies function perfectly with sliding doors and jalousie windows.  


Ready To Hang Drapery Panel
starting at $153.00 *
Track System  (OAHU ORDERS ONLY)
starting at $69.00 *
* Prices incl. sales tax, plus delivery